Where is The Development of Facial Recognition Software and Where is it Going?

by | Nov 2, 2018

The world of technology is one of the fastest moving industries on the planet. So many people and companies are working nonstop to discover the next successful tech item. Companies are working around the clock to develop the next best thing. At the same time, people and companies are working nonstop to improve on tech that already exists. We are no different here at OCR Solutions. 

Facial Recognition Software is one of the areas that we are making daily breakthroughs. Our team has been tirelessly working to improve the science that so many users are looking for. We have all known for years that this technology could have nearly endless applications. Bugs and issues with the programs have kept it from being a viable source. We believe that we have bridged the gap and are able to bring facial recognition to our clients.

New Advancements

With so many possibilities for how to use facial rec, there is a lot of attention on developing it. Cell phones have the tech to let you log in using a live image of your face. Social media companies use it to auto-tag your pictures. Retail stores use it for marketing to specific customers and security while people shop. Police and airports use it to track and look for people moving through their areas and find missing persons or persons of interest.  We have recently perfected this software to recognize faces and open doors in buildings for people when they approach.

One of the biggest issues with Facial Recognition Software is that it consistently produced biased results. While it was functional, it wasn’t always accurate with its assumptions. Many times it would not pick up distinctions from people of different races. Many times it would make errors when reading the faces of people with glasses, differences in lighting and more. 

The software OCR represents resolves these issues using new algorithms we have developed. We are implementing this in the same way they have in airports that in the past have failed. With our new software, these systems are working and helping companies achieve accurate results.

How You Can Integrate Our Systems

With global databases becoming more prevalent, integrating facial recognition software into other systems is key. Every airport and border crossing in the world requires a photo ID. Instead of leaving room for error in cross-checking, you can combine a document scanner to a facial rec scanner. As soon as the passport or ID is scanned, it will match the photo with the person using it. This will guarantee that you are in compliance with passport control and ports of entry.

This doesn’t just work with airports, it has many practical applications:

  • Required ID check at a hotel
  • Opening doors to secure areas
  • Opening an external door to get into a building
  • Controlled entrance to a parking area or private driveway
  • Driver’s Licenses and government applications
  • Insurance claims and forms
  • Electronic signing of official documents
  • Mobile and Online Banking
  • HIPPA and FERPA Compliance

The possibilities are endless!

How Can You Use Facial Recognition

This technology is available on Mobile phones and servers. On a phone, the software extracts data from a person’s ID card using our idMax software and compares it to a live image taken as a selfie for example. When there is similarity the software will notify and allow access into an application or a physical location. This is perfect for healthcare and financial applications as it provides them with security and compliance. 

Other applications are limitless and creative, the software can be used to customize consumer’s shopping experience. A retail store could have a customer pay for their purchase with a facial scan and compare a live face to characteristics of a face stored on a database for additional security and privacy. As long as the client has their credit card stored on their profile, the software would scan their face and charge their card on file. At a gas station, the pump could scan the customer’s face and choose targeted advertising to show them based on their age which the software can approximate.

Be Part Of The Future

As OCR improves Facial Recognition Software, the practical applications will grow more and more. As fast as the tech world is moving, we work hard to stay on the cutting edge. We want to help our clients find the best ways to this tech to improve their companies.

If you haven’t thought about using facial rec, you need to contact our team at OCR and discover what new and thrilling ways it can help your business. Facial Recognition Software has developed many uses up to this point. It will surely continue to find new ways to make an impact on the business world.