Medical form reading

by | Jun 24, 2019


Any company working in the medical industry knows the massive volume of documents that need to be managed and processed. Between medical records, and claim forms such as CMS1500 or UB04s’, the workload can be daunting. Human error is bound to happen if these documents are processed manually, leading to delays in payment or processing for patients.

By reducing the human element in the processing of these documents medical forms can be more swiftly filled out and processed, thus having a positive reduction in human error and document workload.  Patient satisfaction relies on patient data being accurate, and OCR technologies accomplish this.

Reading Medical Forms

Using Modern Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, medical form reading is automated. The system ingests your forms via Network Folder, Direct Scanning Into the System, Mobile Phone, Fax Server or Email. The forms go through the OCR process and are automatically classified. If the form passes all the business rules you have created the information will be extracted into your database, software system or simply an 837 compliant file format. If there is any data verification needed, the system will present the document to the user and allow them to correct any issues with capturing the information.

Many hours have been devoted toward the manual processing of medical forms such as the CMS1500 and UB04 medical claims forms. Our OCR technologies significantly reduce human involvement by automating data capture. This reduces the chances for human error to occur, which can cause delays in coverage and payments for patients. Delays in processing causes unneeded stress for the patient, and this is where OCR technology shines the most.

Intelligent Automation

OCR technology can do more than just convert your forms into a digital format that is searchable and editable. Patient data handling and processing systems can easily be configured to take advantage of information in the OCR’d documents. Through customization and rules, data can be directly OCR’d into corresponding fields in different systems you might have. This means that forms can be pre-filled with patient or billing information, or information can be transcribed into a central database.

Customer specific rules, cross-field comparisons, and specific field formats are all options that can be implemented to automate your medical form processes. This can be developed in house or with the aid of one of our experts.

Unparalleled Accuracy

The success of OCR data capture relies on many factors such as the technologies being used, the quality of the documents, and settings/variables in document processing. Certain letters or words can be missed entirely in data capture and this poses a significant threat to data processing accuracy.

Black HCFA forms have been notorious for making documents hard to read data since letters intersect with the lines of the documents. Through document preprocessing using advanced algorithms, OCR is able to make these documents readable and editable by taking away document lines without harming the text underneath.

Optimize Your Business

Digital capture and the processing of medical forms will provide a significant ROI to your business. By actively targeting and reducing the manual effort in processing medical forms, and tailoring technology to expedite business processes, overall value in your business is optimized. Staff hours can be reallocated and devoted to higher-value, customer-focused tasks. Your customer satisfaction improves, and errors and delays in the claims process and reduced,

The Best in the Industry

OCR Solutions provides unparalleled expertise in digital capture system solutions and technology. Let us help you in the efforts to shift critical focus on enhancing patient care and customer service. If you have any questions or are interested in a consult, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to bring the best in OCR Solutions to your business!