OCR Solutions specializes in OCR Software – capturing images and extracting data from images as well as the transfer of images from a local scanner to a remote Citrix or Terminal Server. OCR Solutions is a one-stop OCR Software imaging solution provider that always puts your satisfaction at the forefront. As a company, we have created imaging software and also partner with OCR scanner vendors in order to solve the most complex challenges in the imaging industry. We can help your business document and store images and documents that are taking up valuable space in your office. As experts, we can o this quickly and effortlessly.

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   ID Reading

IdMax is a fast, easy-to-use system that automatically extracts data from any customer driver license or state ID. Our software will meet your needs and exceed your expectations! Use IdMax without investing in a new OCR scanner, as our software works with your existing TWAIN scanner, a webcam, or even a mobile phone camera. You can store extracted data on an office computer or use the cloud version for a solution accessible from each of your company’s locations.

  Remote Scanning

Our VirtualScan software is the answer for your remote scanning needs. VirtualScan turns any locally connected TWAIN scanner into an OCR scanner, including flatbeds, document feeders, and scanners with duplex capability. Our software’s flexibility means it will work for any office on your network, on any version of Windows, with Terminal Server or Citrix applications. And if you ever need troubleshooting assistance, we always have live support available to help.

  Form Reading

Our Advanced Capture OCR software is the best option for automating data entry from customer forms, structured or not, into your system. Our software increases the speed of capturing large volumes of documents and improves the accuracy of vital data. After the software processes and data extraction, your employees validate low-confidence characters and then export collected data in your desired format. The best part? Our software learns with use, improving its own processing ability.

OCR Solutions specializes in OCR Software & Hardware solutions for various vertical markets such as:

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