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OCR’s ID scanning systems process, capture and digitize information from government issued identification documents, such as driver’s licenses, passports, and  national ID cards.

This product is commonly used for various security and verification purposes, such as age verification, background checks, and fraud prevention.

There are various technologies used in our field for ID scanning, and although we focus on our proprietary optical character recognition (OCR) engine, we can also compare the information captured from the front of a card to that of the 2D barcode information that is prevalent on the back of most US IDs.

OCR’s ID scanning software idMax™ can be used by programmers as an add on integration module to their application using our SDK (Software Development Kit) or as a turnkey solution by an end user utilizing our CaptureMax™ cloud solution.

ID scanning can be done using specialized ID scanning hardware, such as ID card scanners, uploading an already scanned image to the cloud or local folder or mobile device. Many ID scanning solutions are also available as software development kits (SDKs) that can be integrated into other software and mobile applications.

Our ID scanning is used in various industries such as retail, healthcare, banking, government, and pawn shops (Scrap, Jewelry & Retail Stores Etc.), and at least 40 other vertical markets. In retail, ID scanning can be used for age verification to prevent the sale of age-restricted products. In healthcare, ID scanning can be used to create electronic patient medical records, prevent medical errors as well as scan medical insurance card information. In banking, ID scanning can be used to verify the identity of customers for financial transactions. In government, ID scanning can be used for voter registration, passport control, and border security.

Taking ID validation a step further, adding face verification increases security and account safety. OCR’s selfie verification compares and live face to the face on the ID in real time.

Which businesses can benefit from this technology?


ID proofing check

Is the ID document authentic and valid?

Similarity check

Is the person holding the ID the same person shown in the ID photo?

Liveness Check

Is the person holding the ID physically present during the transaction?

Definitive Answer

Identify verification delivers a definitive yes or no answer in seconds.


Developers SDK


OCR’s ID reading SDK is an intuitive fast interface that will connect your project in a very short time.

Its not only the ease of use that’s important you will find that the speed and feature set of our proprietary OCR engine is unmatched by any software on the market today. This is not just something we say but a fact that has been verified by many of our clients. OCR’s engine has been created from scratch to focus on reading the unique characteristics of IDs using AI and machine learning algorithms we developed in house. It was not enough to read information accurately, but we added speed to the equation.

As a developer we have you covered with Windows, Linux, Android and iOS specific SDK’s that are user friendly. Our SDK for IDs has two versions, Anydoc which will automatically read any ID type presented or our International version which allows you to specify specific libraries.

Our ID library now covers over 3,800 document types from around the world covering North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia/Oceania in addition to support for other unique country documents such as resident permits, Voter Cards, and more.

CaptureMax™ PowerCloud Platform and API

CaptureMax™ PowerCloud Platform and API is the perfect ID Reading turnkey solution for both end users and developers. End users just need to sign up and the system is ready to scan.

CaptureMax™ PowerCloud has the capability of scanning and ID directly to the cloud and extracting its data into the proper fields.

Today’s digital onboarding systems perform the digital transformation of all processes related to registering new clients an authenticating current ones. This enhances by far not only the customer experience, but also boosts operational efficiency from data extraction to complete document analysis.

Being a digital data extraction technology, it not only can be ran on a desktop/notebook but it’s perfectly suitable for mobile devices and can be tailored to fit your business with its own specific rules. While developing an effective business model, security must be considered alongside convenience. As a result, strengthen-up your businesses KYC (Know Your Customer), raise the assurance level of user onboarding, and reduce friction right from the start.


Scan any US or International ID and capture its data in seconds.

Cloud solution with REST API for developers works with any TWAIN compliant scanner or use our cloud version with your mobile application.

Add on feature of using iOS and Android application to populate database information.

Our mobile onboarding solution is not only user friendly, but a necessary technology that integrates to your solution in a quick, simple and secure way. Mobile onboarding is one of those “must have features” for all companies that want to keep up with current market solutions.

ID Hardware

ID scanners divide into two main types, TWAIN based ID scanners that tend to be slower yet less expensive, and camera scanners which have no moving parts, last longer but have a higher price point.

Many sometimes mistake the hardware having the functionality of parsing the data from the documents they capture, however this is not the case. ID scanners typically only capture the image of the ID or document placed on their glass or scanned through. The software SDK’s do the heavy lifting of extracting and parsing the data.

OCR has created a utility that enables any of the scanners we sell to scan directly to our CaptureMax™ PowerCloud System. These scanners are commonly used in various settings such as casinos, stores, bars, nightclubs, and events to validate the age of the person, check for fake IDs, and to collect customer data for compliance and analysis.

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