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For those who know this industry, scrap metal yard management demands a high level of compliance.

Regulatory issues and regulations like the USA PATRIOT Act and Know Your Customer (KYC) slow down any operation that does not have a streamlined process. Adding the ability to read ID’s has become an integral part of scrap operations. Federal regulations are requiring companies to be able to produce documentation of a customer’s ID along with details of their transaction.

Scrap metal laws in most states require the operator of a scrap metal business to verify the identity of any person delivering or selling scrap metal to the scrap metal business? This function must be done by requesting and examining a photo ID from a valid State or federal driver’s license or other government-issued form of identification bearing a photograph such as a passport.

In addition, any form of ID must be stored for later retrieval should law enforcement or any governmental official ask for this information. The scrap yard operator must comply by having a clear copy and record of each transaction.

At OCR Solutions, we can provide your business a fast and easy way to comply while increasing operational efficiency!

CaptureMax™ is the perfect solution for scrap software and scrap yards to seamlessly and quickly capture customer data. Using an ID Scanner or mobile device, our software captures the image and parses out its information into the proper fields. If you have a small yard and one computer, we have the perfect solution for you! Just install log into your CaptureMax™ account and you are ready to go.

CaptureMax™ database captures driver’s license information and stores it into its database for later retrieval. Searching for the ID of a past patron is very simple with our powerful search algorithm that pulls up information very fast. The system has the additional ability to populate customer information on a predefined document such as a contract that you can quickly print out for your customer to sign.

CaptureMax™ is flexible and has been integrated into several scrap software systems. The system comes with a simple but powerful SDK that can easily work with other systems. Call us today for a free trial account!

Use cases: Scrap Metal sales user registration, shelf and inventory management, warehouse management, and stocking.

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