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Hotel check-in

Avoid long lasting lines and its negative impact on customer’s experience! Increase operational efficiency and keep lines moving by implementing our frictionless technology.

ID capture at the front desk not only captures all needed data of an ID/Passport, but also populates business forms while running all regulatory background cross-checking. Match the customer in front of you to a reservation in your database, improving not only customer experience, but also mitigating fraudulent reservations, preventing chargebacks, running underage checks, comparing scanned IDs to your “Banned” list and much more! Need more power?

Add our face recognition technology, build a much safer environment for employees and guests! Learn who’s transiting through your facility, get early warnings over unwanted spotted persons allowing security services to handle potential threats properly, helping keep everyone safe!

Last but not least, imagine having a just arrived VIP guest identified by one of the world’s top face recognition technologies when entering the lobby, allowing staff to learn not only the name by which the person wants to be called, but also its membership status, and priority check-in procedures to take place.

ID Reading Software
Face Recognition