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Visitor and Venue Management

Need to develop greater customer experience practices or to better comply with legal compliance demands?

Studies have shown that satisfied customers are willing to spend 10-15% more and present greater loyalty towards the business when things just work! Our goal is to create solutions that help you pivot away from low productivity and time-consuming processes by automation that delivers a faster, more accurate and frictionless experience for users and clients.

Meet IdMax™, the perfect solution to seamlessly and quickly capture customer data at the office or in the field. Have it installed on your server, desktop or as a cloud solution (CaptureMax™). Using an ID Scanner, regular scanner, webcam, or any smart device, our software captures the image and parses out its information into the proper fields.

Keep track of visitors, employees even members by identifying their membership status. IdMax™ database captures driver’s license information and stores it into its local database for later retrieval. Searching for the ID of a past patron is very simple with our powerful search algorithm that pulls up information very fast. The system not only has the additional ability to populate customer information on a predefined document such as a contract that you can quickly print out for your customer to sign.

IdMax™ is flexible, scalable, and comes with a simple but powerful SDK that can easily work with other systems. Contact us today for a demo!

Use cases: car dealers, membership clubs, casinos, liquor stores, night clubs, gated communities, corporate building and much more!!!

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