Take a Look at Our Latest Software Release- idMax Cloud

Take a Look at Our Latest Software Release- idMax Cloud

The adoption of the Cloud has provided businesses many advantages to include efficiency, data security, as well as cost reduction. The benefits of advanced software suites are able to be tapped into without the need for expensive overhead or complex in-house infrastructure.

This is why OCR Solutions has created idMax Cloud, an agile platform that is able to instantly capture and extract ID information.  

What Is It?

In a traditional environment, ID card reading might be accomplished by a scanner installed on a local computer however today’s technology allows a user to utilize a mobile phone or camera scanner that is connected to the cloud. Once the card is captured its image and data securely transfers to a central database. The process for capturing, comparing and securely storing ID card data is complex however we have made it simple and easy.

idMax Cloud is a server-hosted software that provides advanced mobile ID Scanning that can be used from any modern mobile device or scanner. For our developer friends we have included a REST_API for ease of integration into your application. Not only does it eliminate the need for expensive cameras or ID reading equipment, but it also gives you the ability to have advanced machine-learning algorithms (AI) to auto-detect information on any ID or passport. The power of the Cloud brings this amazing capability to your organization with an immediate ease of implementation.

Technology At Your Fingertips

OCR Solutions’ idMax Cloud is powerful, but incredibly versatile and easy to use. The UI features parameter selection for country-of-origin, and identification type. You simply drag and drop an ID image into the image field and the system will extract the data instantly.

idMax Cloud supports identification from all 50 U.S states as well as hundreds of international countries. It also reads 2D Barcodes (PDF 417), intuitively comparing data between the barcode and information on the front of the ID. The capability and ease-of-use allow for idMax Cloud to be used in many vertical business types to include medical offices, access control locations such as lobbies, gated communities, equipment rental locations and more!

Customized to Your Needs

Perhaps one of the best features of idMax is its ability to be customized to meet the needs of your business. The software can either be hosted on our servers in a traditional SaaS platform (Software as a Service) or locally in your own infrastructure. If you need a centralized storage and processing of information outside of your infrastructure, you can utilize the power of idMax for your business!

The mobile application is both easy to configure and can be tailored to the extract needs of your business. Extracted data can either be autonomously stored, or exported to a CSV, XML or other file type for use in further processing by other proprietary software your business might be using.

Streamline Your Business

As your business continues to expand, any opportunity to make processes simpler and more efficient need to be considered. When you use the idMax software by OCR Solutions, you are using a powerful platform in the Cloud that achieves more than just efficiency.

IdMax brings many benefits to your business. Training is simple and easy for new and current staff members, the need for expensive cameras or scanners are reduced or eliminated, and the integration of mobile devices and the Cloud creates a universal system that can be accessed from anywhere.

Harness the Power of the Cloud!

See how the idMax software by OCR Solutions performs in your business! A functional demo of the product is available by request. Just download, extract the zip file and launch the application.

If you would like a demo of the product or have questions about idMax in general, go to our demo request page and fill out the form! Our experts are ready to help you harness the power of idMax in the Cloud!