The Best Passport and ID Scanner and Why

by | Jan 7, 2019

Security is normally the last thing considered when it comes to business, but that has changed. Banks, airports, and even places of employment all have increased surveillance. ID scanning, in particular, has been a popular solution whether it is for controlled access to facilities, streamlined visitor check-in/check-out, or even cataloging individuals in databases.

By implementing an ID scanning solution, you make your business agile and secure. However, there are many considerations that must be made before selecting the best product.

Selecting a Solution

When selecting an ID scanning solution, there are many things you want to consider before making a decision. Some things to think about include cost, size, scalability, functionality, customization, and ease of use. Some businesses may simply need an ID scanner for entry control, while others may use it to track training participation or even hours worked for non-salaried employees.  

In a single organization, you can have many different user requirements for an ID scanner solution. The level of complexity can become overwhelming and expensive rather quickly. OCR Solutions ID scanners address all of these concerns.

Why OCR Solutions?

Some big setbacks for companies considering ID scanning solutions include size and cost. The compact size of our scanners allow for mobility throughout an organization and can easily be configured to work on a laptop. OCR’s SabreCam series have no “moving parts” and all captures are performed digitally within seconds.  When combined with the idMax software, the ability to easily read different IDs and passports from around the world combined with a small footprint scanner.

For businesses that require versatility and customization, a Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for cloud, server, mobile and local solutions. We support various operating systems:

  • Windows 32
  • Windows 64
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android

By taking advantage of our flexible SDK, software integration is incredibly easy. This makes the ID scanners incredibly versatile and scalable.

The SDK is capable of reading and extracting data from US IDs and passports from many different countries. Because the idMax SDK is also system independent, it allows you to tailor your requirements with any TWAIN-compliant scanner. This is a feature not many ID scanning solutions are able to provide, and as a result able to take most third-party scanners and integrate them with idMax.

The Best In the Industry

OCR Solutions cares about the performance and value of our products. Despite the small form factor of our ID scanners, we are proud of their performance. In fact, we have had close to a zero percent defect rate over the last 8 years. Tens of thousands of units have been manufactured and only one ever had to be replaced.

Each solution comes with a one-year warranty and the Sabrecam Camera scanners have a three year warranty with full online support. Should you ever have any issues or concerns with your product, OCR Solutions staff will be there to resolve them. We are certain that our ID scanners are the best the industry has to offer.

Our mission is to allow you to have a scalable and cost friendly solution that uses the most advanced technology available, and that is what our ID scanners provide.  Our ID scanners are both compact and durable, and the SDK allows you to easily tailor a solution to meet your business needs.

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Our staff is also always ready to help you make the best of whatever solution you decide on. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to bring our solutions to your business!