Why Hotels Need Passport and ID Scanners

by | Nov 2, 2018 | Blog

OCR Solutions is here for all your document scanning needs! We understand times are changing and you could never be more careful with your guests. That is why security measures are changing all over the world, like the ID scanner for hotels. It is best the hotel market changes, too.

Why Make the Change?

In a word, security. For all your guests, they will have their identification cards scanned. This will increase safety and reassure all of your guests they are in a safe place. Hotel security is a rapidly growing area.

If you think about security in a hotel, one might think about small things like something being stolen. “What if” is always a question on everyone’s mind. What if someone with a police record checks into the hotel? You would want to know the security team did everything they could to keep their guests safe.

Up-to-Date Information

Another reason to have identification scanned in a hotel is for record-keeping. Keeping information about guests who are frequent visitors is one thing. The human error of the hotel front desk staff is something else. When keying in information manually, you are subject to more mistakes. You can never be too careful with guests information. Home address, credit card information, and other personal info are very serious and must be protected.

ID scanning gives an accurate account of all guests checked in to their hotel room. This means you know who should be in their room and you will know when they check out. ID scanning can also save information.

Go Paperless

Are you tired of all the paper clutter on the hotel desk? Go paperless and get rid of the clutter. With scanners, you can allow your guests to check-in and out with the identification and credit card. Email their receipt and you won’t have to worry about the paper.

Costs are also reduced because there is no need to print anything. It is all stored for easy access. Scanned documents also save due to the fact of not having to store file boxes full of paper. The software is basically seamless and can work with other computer software in the hotel.

Save Time with Faster Check-In

If guests make phone or online reservations, scanning will allow them to check-in at a much faster rate through technology. Through character recognition, the technology can read your ID and get reservations acknowledged exponentially. This can reduce the amount of human error at check-in as well.

Make checking out a breeze as well. Use the same photo identification that was used at check-in, and be able to check out in no time. All the information will be stored and the bill charged to the credit card on file. When your staff saves time having to check guests in, they have more time for hospitality for the customers.

Assure Compliance

Installing an ID scanner is one way to make sure all information is up-to-date and correct. Human error or even one dishonest staff member can cause chaos. Scanners will make sure the information given is complete and accurate.

Just like keeping an underage person from buying alcohol in a restaurant, an ID scanner would keep someone from reserving a room illegally. With so many stolen identities and such going on these days, you can never be too safe.

For our customers in Europe it is highly important for GDPR compliance. GDPR effectively gives EU citizens control of information that is held and shared about them.  GDPR expands the coverage of personal data to encompass online identifiers such as cookies, location data and GUID (globally unique identifier).

Any company having business in the EU, residents’, or citizens’ data MUST comply with the GDPR.

Call Us For Service

When you want to upgrade your security and install an ID scanner for hotels of yours, call OCR Solutions. We can walk you through the process and have your guests feeling safer in no time. Save yourself some time and money. Give us a call for a visual matrix of how this card scanner works. We are looking forward to working with you.


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