Why idMax Is By Far The Most Advanced ID Reading Software In The World

by | Oct 6, 2020

Traditional ID card reading in the form of a physical camera or manual scanning has gone by the wayside. The world is automated, and idMax is the premier platform that allows you to instantly capture and compare ID card data for the desired goal. It is a constantly evolving platform that is always at the forefront when it comes to the latest and greatest features.

What makes it so powerful?

idMax is a series of software suites that provide the ability for advanced mobile ID  scanning/processing from a traditional computer system as well as any modern mobile device. It works natively with the technology equipped in standard computer/mobile device equipment (such as your mobile phone’s camera). The software, through OCR Solutions’ proprietary engine, is able to capture and extract pertinent data from ID cards for processing using machine-learning algorithms (AI) & autodetection.

With versatility comes power, and idMax has the competition beat in terms of device and platform compatibility. idMax supports over 10 operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows (32, 64), Linux, and even a cloud solution with a RestAPI. Whether you have a traditional computing environment, are on the go with mobile, or are on the cloud- idMax works.

Constantly improving, constantly evolving!

Times and technology changes at an alarming rate, and OCR Solutions developers are constantly adding new features to ensure idMax is able to take advantage of it. New IDs’ are always being introduced into the market, and as of right now idMax supports thousands of different ID types from over 200 countries. In the US alone, idMax supports identification from all 50 states and can easily read 2D barcodes (PDF 417) as well as intuitively compare data between the barcode and information on the front of the ID. Birth certificates, vehicle registration, and realID are also no problem!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to future features. Additional new functionality Face Recognition is almost complete and there are additional features on the roadmap. Stay tuned to see what comes next!

Speed is key.

Speed and performance is important when it comes to the mass processing of any ID Format. The idMax suites of software are always being fine-tuned to deliver expedient ID processing without sacrificing precision. GreenOCR 4.0 is our latest ID engine that offers instant field capture on an ID with additional features such as the ability to capture data even when there is a lack of proper lighting. GreenOCR 4.0 platform has the fastest reading speed, AI engine platform, NightVision and more.

Perhaps one of the best features of idMax is its ability to be customized to meet the needs of your business. The software can either be hosted on our servers in a traditional SaaS platform (Software as a Service) or locally in your own infrastructure. If a policy or local/state regulations prevent the storage and processing of personal information outside of your infrastructure, you can still have the power of idMax for your business!

Customized for you!

When you use the idMax software, you harness a powerful platform that achieves great efficiency right out of the box. When you need a bit more in order to be tuned to your environment, the restAPI allows for in-house developers to make their own modifications as well as add new features. If that is not an option for you, OCR Solutions’ team of developers/engineers are available to help.

Contact us today!

idMax is a powerful and affordable platform that does not sacrifice ease-of-use. See how idMax performs for you. A functional demo is always available by request. If you would like the demo of this or other products or if you have any questions about idMax, contact us today. Our experts are ready to bring the power of idMax to you!