Can Your ID Reader Do This? A Quick Guide To Our COVID-19 Mobile Tracking Solution

by | Nov 23, 2020

When it comes to securing your organization, you likely know that ID readers play a crucial yet challenging role. While an effective ID reader helps to ensure transparency and integrity in a variety of business functions, an ineffective ID reader can expose your organization to security threats in addition to a number of other issues from long wait times to poorly stored patient information.

These pain points are especially disruptive during COVID-19 testing when so many people need it. As a result, it’s important that organizations are proactive about these challenges, utilizing a solution specifically created for these unprecedented times. 

The ID Reader Solution for COVID-19

Although a secure and efficient ID reader has always been a beneficial feature for smooth operations, COVID-19 has created obstacles like social distancing and contact tracing. This has amplified the importance of investing in high-quality identification verification software, specifically those that have the ability to address these challenges, like CaptureMax

CaptureMax was developed in response to emerging needs from healthcare facilities during the pandemic and has been designed to mitigate the most difficult challenges posed by COVID-19.

How It Works

The CaptureMax contract tracing system offers a vertically-integrated solution for COVID-19 tracking, combining hardware components and cloud-based software to quickly capture and store patient information. The process can be mapped out from beginning to end:

  • Using a digital scanner or a mobile device, a technician scans an ID. CaptureMax extracts ID information directly from the image using an advanced Optical Character Recognition engine.
  • The technician verifies the information is correct and edits fields if necessary. The system automatically checks for duplicate accounts.
  • The technician records the patient’s temperature, as well as their email, phone number, and any required notes. This information is sent to a central database, hosted on a secure Microsoft Azure cloud instance.
  • Pertinent virus tracking info is entered: status, patient temperature, notes, etc. If there is a visit history, the system will pull information from the database as needed.
  • CaptureMax will then print crucial patient information directly to a printer, which will create a label for the test vial.
  • Finally, the patient information is added to an account on the cloud database.

By leveraging advanced scanning techniques and offering flexible hardware integrations, CaptureMax can help organizations seamlessly implement an efficient contract tracing system, enabling a more coordinated, effective effort in COVID-19 prevention.

Benefits of CaptureMax Healthcare Software

While it’s obvious that COVID-19 testing and tracking is vital, for many organizations and institutions, it’s also completely new territory. Investing in software that directly improves the process of testing is critical and plays an important role in ensuring accuracy and overall safety. Some of the benefits of leveraging the CaptureMax solution include:

  • Improved Accuracy. The software helps to minimize human error, eliminating repetitive manual entry of your most critical data.
  • Increased Safety. The system enables technicians to keep a safe distance from the patient as the ID is scanned directly in their hands.
  • Convenience. Information is centrally stored on the cloud for easy deployment.
  • High Speed. The software can read an ID and create an account in just 4 seconds.
  • Real-Time Tracking. The system registers the patient’s information and address using their ID and also captures their medical insurance card. From this information, heat maps for management are cultivated to see if there are hot spots. For example, if there are many positives in a certain city, area, or neighborhood, resources can quickly be deployed to help stop the spread.
  • Face Verification. The face image from the ID is automatically saved for visual verification. A Facial Recognition feature can be added to allow users to compare the image from their ID to a live picture of the patient in real-time.
  • Printing Capabilities. The system has customized print settings and is bundled with our partners’ mobile printers. It conveniently prints labels automatically from the system with the patient’s information in text as well as barcode format.
  • High Flexibility and Customization. Our highly-skilled engineering team is ready to customize the system to the unique needs of your organization.

CaptureMax offers one of the most complete solutions in the industry, providing users with a range of powerful capabilities and integrations. In the fight against COVID-19, CaptureMax can help organizations optimize tracing operations for high-quality performance, streamlining identification and verification processes and improving outcomes.

Efficient, Safe, Secure, and Accurate All in One

COVID-19 poses unique challenges for any organization, disrupting every element of how we work and operate. As a result, it is crucial to utilize software designed specifically for this pandemic, rather than simply repurposing an existing system.

CaptureMax Healthcare Solution was created to support the healthcare industry during this specific moment of crisis, helping to make the practice of testing and tracking patient information a much easier, safer, and secure process.

With deep expertise in optical and scanning software, and a team of reliable consultants and service agents, OCR Solutions stands out as one of the most qualified leaders in the market. In the midst of this crucial time, it’s important to work with a top-notch partner you can trust, and OCR Solutions is ready to meet your organization’s needs.

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