Reading Engraved Parts For Automotive and Manufacturing With OCR Tech

by | Feb 9, 2019 | Blog

Optical Character Recognition, better known as OCR, has come a long way from its beginnings. Today OCR algorithms have improved production performance that expanded to read virtually any type of writing. The software is able to convert text, hand-written, printed, and now even embossed information into a digital format that is electronically searchable. Our tech is able to help the automotive and manufacturing industries because of this!

Business costs are lowered, especially when it comes to capturing data. OCR Solutions has developed new types of technology that can be installed on a mobile phone, server, or computer that is able to bring this technology to your business. It is able to capture information from any document type including credit cards, license plates, IDs, and much more. 

The Automobile Industry

The production process for a single automobile is complicated. Each part and accessory must end up to a correct respective vehicle and in the proper order. Today most industries stamp their parts with serial numbers to avoid mistakes in the production line. Using OCR Solutions’ technology, these plants can dynamically read part numbers whether embossed or printed on these parts without having to stop the production process. If a part is misidentified, production can halt, and a part can end up in the wrong place which can cause a shutdown for a production line completely. Combining video cameras with OCR software and technology allows an enterprise the ability to capture information from parts as they are moving on a conveyor belt in order to make sure that nothing is lost and parts are labeled correctly. 

Needless to say, the need for accurate identification is critical to have a safe and smooth production environment.

OCR Camera and Software Benefits

By implementing an OCR camera on a production line along with software, you are making use of a technology that Improves business. Our software product is able to capture the desired information ready for digital processing.

There is no size or opacity that it cannot handle. You reduce the need for manpower performing manual checks and cataloging. In the end, you have an amazing increase in production. More importantly, a reduction in errors that improve the safety of your environment.

Auto Industry

Benefits from OCR technology go beyond the auto industry. Manufacturing in general needs to be motivated to track each step of production. This includes packaging and distribution. OCR offers a proven way to track processing from raw material to a packaged product. Much like the auto industry, the tech to capture and process manufacturing part information can have a significant impact on business flow.

Manufacturing Industry and OCR Tech

OCR allows you to go a great distance when it comes to high levels of product quality and safety. OCR can track date codes, lot code and batch verification, and expiration dates. These may be subject to strict labeling requirements to ensure consumer safety.

Problems That Occur

One problem that typically occurs with high production label printers is that the quality of the text degrades. The ability to identify data at high speeds is indispensable, and OCR allows you to do it with accuracy.

Packaging Operations

Many manufacturers also realize that OCR can improve packaging operations. Throughput in products combined with a reduction in human error optimizes line performance. Product recalls can be prevented, and scrapped products can be reduced.

The data that can be tracked and received through OCR ensures a smooth flow of information throughout the distribution process.

Why You Need OCR Technology

OCR has revolutionized manufacturing, and OCR Solutions has the expertise to bring it to your business. A well placed OCR camera eliminates the many problems caused by manual processing, improving productivity as well as safety. Whatever information that is critical to your business is immediately made available digitally. From there it can be stored and modified based on your needs.

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Our solution is able to accurately capture information no matter the size or quality of the text being scanned. Production, warehousing, and shipping/receiving, License Plates are only a few areas of business that can benefit.

If you would like to know more about the products and the solutions we are able to provide, do not hesitate to contact OCR Solutions. We are ready to help your business flourish!