idMax Cloud – ID Reading in the cloud for small business

If you have a small business and need to comply with capturing ID information, in most cases you will need to invest in an enterprise system that takes time to implement and is very expensive. We had many small businesses contact us asking for a solution and its finally here.

idMax cloud is an online web based ID scanning solution that allows a business to scan or upload an ID directly to a secure cloud account created just for your company. The user logs into the account, and can scan the front of any ID directly into the cloud system. The ID will show up on the screen and immediately populate the proper fields with information extracted from the ID. The process takes seconds!



Once the information is captured you have the option to save the information to your private database for later lookup or even to create reports. The system can read over 200 country IDs and Passports giving you unlimited flexibility and enabling small businesses to get compliant for only $50.00 per month!



For our developers we have even created a REST_API to make it easy to integrate into your web or other applications.  Contact us today and request a free trial!