Financial OCR Solutions

Financial OCR Solutions

OCR’s financial solutions deliver a host of advantages to financial centric companies such as banking, credit unions, mortgage, insurance and accounting firms. We partner with your enterprise to deliver fast effective customer service.

Scanner Solutions – Our professional Avision scanners are used around the world as enterprise solutions. Avision is one of the top scanner manufacturers that delivers professional, reliable and low cost scanners to the market. With today’s push for digitizing documents scanning solutions are more important than ever, the Avision Scanners Deliver a feature rich twain driver in all of their products to keep up with customer’s changing needs.

Remote Scanning Software – If you have a medium to large enterprise and a hosted software environment, Virtual Scanning applications are a must. Our VirtualScan application allows users to scan from their local desktop scanner directly into a hosted financial software that resides on a Citrix or Terminal Server. VirtualScan has encryption so users can scan confidential documents knowing they are protected. If you operate on a hosted web environment scanMax is our solution that lets you scan directly into a client file from a local twain scanner. scanMax is a developers SDK that allows your enterprise to enable scanning directly to a web page or URL. Just download a small communication executable and your users can scan to the web in minutes.

idMax Software – The ultimate tool for patient registration and filling out forms. idMax is an advanced OCR software that reads the front of ID’s, Passports. The software can be used at your front desk or even a mobile application. Users can now download your branded mobile application take a picture of ID or Passport and the information goes directly into your system populating each field such as Name, Address, ID number and even the cropped photo from your ID. Once the system is integrated into your financial software the time savings and efficiency is unsurpassed.

Advanced Capture Software (OCR) – OCR’s financial software solutions can be implemented quickly, are user friendly and reasonably priced. If you have industry documents whose data needs to be captured on a daily basis our form reading OCR can get the job done. The OCR Smart Invoice package is one of the only systems on the market that will dynamically create invoice templates for documents it has never processed! Throw all your invoices at our software and it will learn to recognize them!

OCR sales and developers will give you the attention and personal touch to guide you in selecting and implementing the best solution to meet your organizations unique needs. For more information on OCR Solutions’ financial software solutions, contact our sales team today! or phone at (727) 202-9335