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by | Jun 16, 2018



Imagine the possibilities for businesses and individuals using an ID reading system on mobile phones. Pertinent information can be shared and collected anywhere you go. And this data is accessible in just second. Discover the fastest and most accurate ID reading system on the market. The IDMax from OCR Solutions reads virtually anything on-the-spot.

Simply Use a Mobile Device

Everyone is using mobile devices for business and personal purposes. From processing work updates to banking, people can take care of routine tasks on-the-go. The idMax software reads whatever you need using an iPad or mobile phone. The system is made to directly integrate into your software with our developers toolkit. Imagine reading an ID, Credit Card or any other document using a mobile phone in under 2 seconds!

Extract Data from Documents Using a Mobile Phone

Medical professionals, accountants, salespeople, corporate executives, and other people are constantly handling data. Often it happens when they are away from the office or medical facility. Now people can extract data from a document using a mobile phone and idMax. This enterprise system takes a structured document, such as a W-2 or registration form, that is always the same in structure. Routine forms are done instantly, minimizing confusion and lost paperwork. And it also works on a local computer or enterprise server. If you are scanning the image the system will work with any TWAIN compliant scanner.

Read a Credit Card on a Mobile Phone

One of the major advantages of idMax is the ability to accurately read a credit card on a mobile phone. The info is captured in seconds. And this data can be used to register a customer in various industries, process payments from clients on the road and any other need you may have. We are currently serving over 40 vertical industries. The system will read IDs such as driver licenses, rotating them and even calculating the age.

The idMax Passport System

The idMax also makes it easy to capture data internationally. For example, the passport system reads passports with the highest level of accuracy 98% accuracy! Whether you need passport information from clients or employees or wish to keep a copy of your own passports, this feature makes international travel easier. The system will read ANY international passport.

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