Medical OCR Software Solutions

In the complex environment of today’s healthcare provider facilities, fast and dependable software systems have become a must. Medical OCR software solutions has become an integral part of healthcare organization’s processes.

OCR Solutions has integrated our software into various healthcare enterprises from a small doctor’s office to multi state and country enterprises. If you have a need for electronic document imaging solutions we are your partner.

OCR’s ID reading system for patient registration has been proven in the field to work quickly and efficiently. Just scan the patient ID and/or Medical Insurance card into our idMax software, and the data goes directly into your EMR, EHR or other proprietary software. The idMax advanced capture ID reading software can easily integrate into your environment with our simple SDK. The software can be used at your front desk or even a mobile application. Users can now download your branded mobile application take a picture of their medical insurance card and/or ID and the information goes directly to your system. Once the system is integrated into your EMR or EHR the time savings and efficiency is unsurpassed.

For medical billing and various back office needs, our high-speed ADF scanners simply work. Before investing in expensive finicky hardware let us show you how our Avision document scanners get the job done. The scanners use the TWAIN driver features to give you all the functionality you need in one small footprint document scanner. Combined together with VirtualScan, our remote scanning software you can now scan documents directly into any remote Terminal or Citrix Environment. If you have a server farm configuration of VirtualScan is quick and easy. Giving your users the ability to scan directly into a patient profile in your medical application will greatly enhance your productivity. VirtualScan has encryption that is HIPAA compliant so users can scan confidential documents knowing they are safe and compliant. If you operate on a hosted web environment scanMax is our solution that lets you scan directly into a patient file from a local twain scanner. OCR’s software is made to be compatible with EMR and other medical systems currently on the market making integration of imaging and data capture software into your office or enterprise fast and simple.

Our cutting edge OCR Data Capture software has pre-programmed health claims processing templates designed to work out of the box. If you have unique forms the system is flexible and can accommodate your unique needs. Medical forms such as UB 04 and 1500 are extremely challenging for manual data input. The forms are lengthy, unclear and leave much room for human errors. Using our OCR data capture software simplifies the data capture process and gives you another layer of supervision for accuracy. Forms that take 15 minutes through data entry are now processed in seconds! OCR has several advanced capture systems that allow you to simultaneously capture and verify a medical form. This results in cost reduction, data integrity and allows your enterprise to remain compliant with HIPAA and other regulations.

Remote Scanning Software is now and integral part of the medical field. If you have a hosted software solution, Virtual Scanning is a must. Our VirtualScan application allows users to scan from a local desktop scanner directly into a hosted financial software that resides on a Citrix or Terminal Server.

OCR sales and developers will give you the attention and personal touch to guide you in selecting and implementing the best solution to meet your organization’s unique needs. For more information on OCR Solutions’ healthcare software solutions, contact our sales team today!

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