OCR For Invoices With Line Item Detail

by | Dec 24, 2015

When looking at various OCR systems that extract data from scanned documents Invoice Line Item Detail is a recurring theme. Many companies have the challenge of having to track and record many invoices from various companies. Manual invoice processing can have a high cost and since it is done manually has a high error rate. Most OCR systems need to have a template or outline of a document before being able to read it and extract it’s data. OCR Solutions, has found a new way! OCR Invoice Processing module has an advanced algorithm that will auto create document templates. This is a true OCR for invoices that is completely automated. Just upload your invoices into the system and when processing, our unique algorithm will look for certain pre defined fields in the document. When these fields are found in an invoice, the system will automatically create a template and extract the proper information from the document. Once the template is created by the system it will stay in place and recognize a similar invoice from the same company moving forward. This is truly cutting edge technology that is a must see! Call us today and schedule a no obligation demo, you can even do it with your own documents! For more information please visit our web page – https://ocrsolutions.com/invoice-processing/  – email – [email protected]