Passport and ID Scanners that are Camera-based

by | Aug 19, 2019


When looking at a mobile identification solution, there are some things you need to take into consideration. How many people will be using it? How fast does a device need to process individuals into an allowed entry point? Durability is also something that needs to be taken into account. Luckily, OCR Solutions has a line of identification products that meet the above specifications and more.

Camera-based ID Scanners

A camera scanner, compared to a laser or traditional, is much simpler in design. Consisting of just a chip, housing, and adjusting lens, a camera-based ID scanner will work much like the camera that is on most smartphones. A snapshot will be taken, and instantaneously that image is ready for processing by an identification/access software.

This is a far cry from traditional ID scanners, which have a notorious fail rate due to many moving parts. Spindles and wheels get dirty, gears become worn, and the end result is a giant scrap pile of ID scanners because they have too many points of failure. Camera-based solutions are simpler, have no moving parts, more ruggedized, and in the end less prone to failure.

Use Cases 

In areas that are high transit, a camera-based product is the best solution. It will ensure personnel are accurately identified and at a pace to keep traffic moving. Due to highly advanced technology and fast digital processing, an ID card is quickly captured and processed against a database almost instantly. In addition, adding features such as UV, IR and RFID technology is very simple. These units are positioned to verify all IDs with their new security features that use advanced verification systems.

A smaller footprint on most camera-based ID scanners also make it an extremely viable solution for self-registration kiosks. Equipment rental, medical kiosks, and more can benefit from the simplicity in self-service. Just place your ID on the camera, and the associated systems will do all of the work. 

Other areas that benefit from a camera-based solution include reading/authentication at airports, border crossing points or law enforcement applications, and even age verification at night clubs or casinos.

Our Products

The SabreCam series of products are engineered with simplicity in design, but advanced in technological capability. The SabreCam ID Reader eliminates the need to replace rollers or other mechanical parts. It is a camera-based solution that is capable of I passport and ID scanning. Encased in an ergonomic but sturdy housing, it has no problem easily reading US drivers licenses as well as other polycarbonate cards.

For additional options or capability, the SabreCam Pro Passport Reader might be for you. It can include optional features such as RFID, magnetic strips, and even smart cart modules. It is an all-in-one passport reading solution that can be paired with our custom ID software.

If you are looking for Kiosk integration, look no farther than the SabreKiosk ID Reader. In the past scanning solutions with different shapes and dimensions have made engineering a kiosk to fit ID scanning hardware an incredibly difficult task. This solution combines a powerful camera with no moving parts as well as an engineered design that makes it fit easily into most spaces.

Let OCR Solutions Work for You

From ID scanning and OCR capture to identification software, OCR solutions is among the best. We can custom tailor a solution that works for your business, regardless if you are in the private or federal sector. Camera-based scanners are an investment that will last, they will improve any application in terms of productivity, accuracy, and speed. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about a consultation, do not be afraid to contact us today!