Qualities to Look For In OCR Scanner Vendors For Your Business

by | May 1, 2018 | Blog

If you are running a business and documentation plays a considerable part of your success, a scanner vendor is an essential member of your team. But all scanner vendors are not created equal. Your business needs a knowledgeable and dedicated vendor.

And you wanted a paperless environment. But what’s more important is keeping data safe in the most efficient way possible. An experienced vendor can help you do this. Below are some things to consider when looking for a scanner vendor.

The Vendor Can Organize Your Files Your Way

Not all businesses organize their documents in the same manner. Now, scanner vendors usually sell specific technology or brands, and these may have limitations. You must insist that the vendor can mimic your documentation protocols.

For example, you may have an existing folder structure, naming conventions, or sorting structures. The scanner vendor must replicate this system for optimum convenience. So if you are organizing files by date, name or date of filing, the technology must be able to do the same.

Find a Vendor With a Solid Customer Support Structure

Whether you operate a hospital, a law firm, or an accounting firm, chances are people will work late at night and scan documents in the wee hours of the morning. If the scanner breaks down or if there is trouble, you cannot expect your employees to be able to fix it. It is not practical to have a resident technician because it will be too costly for your business, unless if you are a large company and the technician is also responsible for other technological devices.

A good scanner vendor must offer a solid support structure. It is not necessary to have a technician come and visit your office all the time. What is important is the availability of support by phone. Your employees can make a call and follow prompts as instructed by the customer support representative on the other line. If the problem is not solvable over the phone, then a return plan and loaner structure should be in place.

An Experienced Staff Makes a Difference

A new vendor in this industry may not be able to offer extended tenures of serving many clients. However, he may have employees who have enough exposure to the industry.

The vendor must be able to articulate how they can protect your data and that he and his staff can recommend the best options for your business. You can also check for certifications and ask for the educational background of the team.

The Vendor Can Provide Multiple Formatting Options

Documents are saved in many forms, from PDF to MS word to TIFF. Does the vendor offer the availability of these formats? You must choose a vendor who can provide you the format that you need.

And the scanner vendor must offer a product in which your documents easily convert from one file type to another. For example, you must have the option to convert PDF files to MS word files because some of your business partners may not have the software to run or open a PDF file.

OCR and Editable Documents Matter

It also makes sense that you should have the ability to send and receive editable documents. And most especially, the scanner should have an optical character recognition (OCR) software that it works with.

When a personnel member scans the document, the software converts it not just into a scanned picture, but into editable text that either you or your employee can edit in a computer. This function is important to correct errors in documents, such as name spelling and addresses, before finally keeping them in your data storage/system.

Are you looking for a dedicated scanner vendor who can help you find the ideal OCR scanner for your business requirements? We can help you create and store documents and invoices more efficiently while improving accuracy and reducing costs.

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