RemoteScan vs. VirtualScan - A Comparison of Remote Scanning Software

RemoteScan vs. VirtualScan – Remote Scanning Software

OCR Solution’s phones continuously ring with customers wanting to know the difference between VirtualScan and RemoteScan. With the growing need for electronic records, Remote scanning is becoming an integral part of an organizations daily operations. At OCR Solutions, we not only believe VirtualScan is a better product, but we can show it has better support, more features and a very customer friendly licensing policy.The VirtualScan team believes that once you buy your key there is no need for paying for it again as a result of swapping a computer or if  one breaks down. Both products get the job done and have been around for a long time and both products have many well known enterprise users. So I thought it may help our readers better understand both software options and their feature sets  by outlining them in a graph. So without further adieu below is our comparison chart between RemoteScan to VirtualScan:

VirtualScan is the clear winner when compared to RemoteScan

Function VirtualScan RemoteScan
Charge for moving keys to another Computer NEVER Yes
Price $$ $$$$
Central Administrator Console for licenses and users Yes No
Transmit over port redirection for faster performance Yes No
Image Compression Yes Yes
VirtualChannel over RDP Yes Yes
VIP Service/Same Day Support for all customers Yes Unclear
Ability to share 1 scanner among several users at different computers (Network A Scanner) Yes No
Block unauthorized users Yes No
Original programming team that supports the application Yes No
Webcam Support Yes Yes
Template to control users do not scan and create larger files Yes Yes
Ability and willingness to add support for additional hardware such as signature pads and other special projects Yes Unclear
Integration of Digital Check, check scanners Yes No
Optimized to work with Surface Pro and other MS based tablets Yes No
Easily integrates and works with hosted remote software such as EMR, Financial, Healthcare, Accounting, Trucking and other systems Yes Yes
Works on Terminal Server and Citrix Farms Yes Yes