SurfacePro Remote Scanning with VirtualScan

by | Feb 26, 2016

Surface Pro remote scanning with VirtualScan

SurfacePro remote scanning with VirtualScan has proven to be a quick and easy way to get documents uploaded into any remotely hosted application.OCR Solutions has recently integrated our VirtualScan software to work with Microsoft SurfacePro tablets.  The new optimizations allow the MicroSoft Surface Pro and other Microsoft OS tablets to use the front or rear camera to send images to any terminal server or Citrix hosted application.

Working together with our financial and medical partners, OCR has optimized VirtualScan to use a Windows based pad and send images directly to a remote server. This allows users to log into a remote terminal server via their electronic pad and send a document image directly into a customer or patient file in real time.

This has been a big money and time saver for The Dermatology Center in Bethesda MD. Doctors can now take a Microsoft Surface Pro pad, walk up to the patient and not have to constantly walk back to a desk and use the computer or a camera connected to a cord. Contact us today for a free trial – [email protected] or download it directly from our website