VirtualScan New Features

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Blog, ID Scanning

OCR Solutions has added some great new features to our VirtualScan remote scanning application. VirtualScan is different from other remote scanning applications as it gives the Administrator the ability to manage the whole environment through the VirtualScan server user interface. The recent features added give the administrator even more flexibility on managing users.

New Features:

  • Through the server UI VirtualScan can limit scan settings per user that include Resolution, Document Size and Color
  • Ability to block users who are taking up a license or not approved to scan into the system
  • Enhancement of our Webcam Functionality to work with Microsoft based tablets such as the Surface Pro
  • Additional performance enhancements to make scanning faster and more efficient

VirtualScan is widely used throughout 30 vertical markets including Healthcare, Finance, Trucking and more. This is the most flexible efficient remote scanning software with the best support on the market. OCR Solutions believes in answering your call immediately with a live voice and assisting with any issues on the spot. Call today for your free trial and test out our new features.



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