Why You Need an Avision Scanner For Your Healthcare or Finance Business

by | Oct 9, 2018

As technology is constantly growing and changing, many businesses find themselves needing to grow and change with technology. Healthcare and finance companies require the latest technological advancements to keep high security and ensure customer privacy.

OCR Solutions provides companies many products that increase productivity and keep information safe. Avision scanners are among some of the high-quality products we recommend for your healthcare or finance business.

Why Use A Scanner For Your Business?

Many businesses use scanners to increase working speed in the office. Healthcare and finance businesses are often overwhelmed with piles of paperwork. Depending on the number of patients or clients you have, you’re looking at hours of sifting through paperwork. That’s where a scanner comes in.

High-speed scanners can scan and save multiple documents at one time. Combined with unique computer software, offices can program these documents to upload and save immediately upon scanning the documents. This process is more efficient and easier on company budgets.

Medical Office Benefits

Whether you own a small medical practice or a large healthcare facility, a scanner will cut down on your paperwork. Using a scanner allows you to save all your files electronically and avoid piles of charts. Computer software let you create the number of files you need to store your scanned documents. This adds additional organization and prevents losing important documents.

Finance Office Benefits

If you own a finance business, a scanner will allow your office to reduce paper storage. A scanner is more environmentally friendly as well. Scan your customer ID cards and secure information while saving it to your computer. You can decrease clutter by storing important information in one place.

We Recommend Avision Scanners

How are Avision scanners different from other scanners? The great thing about these scanners is that they are specifically designed to scan multiple pages at once. While small businesses or home users can benefit from them, they are very efficient for larger companies such as healthcare or finance. Here’s a look at a few different Avision scanner models.

AD240 Document Scanner

This fast-paced scanner allows you to scan 40 pages each minute. If you print business cards or use a lot of cardstock, your business will benefit from this scanner. Is also detects how much you’re printing and adjusts the thickness of your paper as needed. The accessible “scan” button lets you simply touch the button and the machine does the rest of the work.

AD250 Model

Scanning up to 160 pages per minute, this model will scan your documents in color or grayscale. If you scan many documents, this model allows you to scan up to 10,000 each day. It’s very durable but compact enough to sit on a nearby desk.

Model AV320D2+

If your business is constantly growing, look no further than this model. As one of the highest scanner speeds, it has multiple capabilities. This model scans in a variety of colors as well as documents and images to any computer format you wish such as email, hard-drive or PDF.

These high-quality scanners come with a 1-year warranty and excellent customer service. Improved technology lets your business accomplish more work in a shorter time frame. This increases your revenue and allows you to concentrate more on your clients.

Let Us Help You Find A Scanner

OCR Solutions happily provides Avision scanners to healthcare and finance businesses. If you’re looking to simplify your paperwork, let us help you. Whether you need a heavy-duty scanner or something more simple, we’ll help you find the right one for your business. We will even help you with the software process. Contact us today.