Discover the Basic Benefits of Enterprise Data Capture Architecture

Choosing a versatile platform for data capture and document workflow helps company boost efficiency and accuracy while reducing costs. And all types of companies found docAlpha seamlessly automates manual business operations such as data extraction and document capture. Plus, enterprise data capture architecture offers improved visibility and a higher level of compliance. Discover the benefits of a well-supported client server-based platform. And note it is scalable and handles growing volumes using automated data capture.

Basics About docAlpha

Companies that want a Smart Process platform look to docAlpha as an industry standard. This client-server distributed capture application runs on global and local networks. And it has server components and processing stations. Also, some of the processing stations run as unattended Windows services, often deployed on a server. And others run in User Interface mode as Windows .NET applications. In addition, the architecture used the Windows .NET framework with service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach. In addition, the application programming interface (API) is. NET. And the communications layer uses Windows Communication Framework (WCF).

Automation and OCR Recognition

The docAlpha platform has three levels of automation:

  • Basic Capture (a.k.a. Click Capture)
  • Basic Capture with AutoFind (Self-Learning); and
  • Advanced Capture

And there are several types of recognition including:

  • OCR (machine print)
  • OMR (checkboxes and mark boxes)
  • ICR (handwritten)
  • Barcode (including common barcodes such as 1D and 2D as well as patch codes); and
  • It works with other popular OCR, OMR, and ICR engines.

Sample Document Types

From medical offices and mortgage banks to schools and warehouses, countless companies benefit from the implementation of this platform. And in short, docAlpha helps any company that needs automated data capture, extraction software, and intelligent data recognition. Types of documents it processes include:

  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Packing Slips
  • Receipts
  • Transcripts
  • Student Records
  • Claims Forms
  • Mortgage Loan Packets
  • Insurance Forms
  • Tax Forms;
  • And Many Others.

Flexible and Customized

Beyond the standard documents processed, docAlpha is flexible and handles customized reports. And users can take advantage of as much technology as they need to solve business problems. Whether companies need the commonly used click-to-capture OCR features or seek unstructured data extraction, this platform takes care of everything. In addition, the Auto-Find self-learning modules make it possible to train the system to handle a wide variety of documents. All it takes is point-and-click on fields in the records to show docAlpha how to capture this data the next time it is asked to process this type of document.

InvoiceAction and ClaimAction

Busy medical offices, hospitals, and healthcare facilities appreciate features such as InvoiceAction and ClaimAction. With InvoiceAction, there are levels of logic, including classification, standard, and advanced. Header, footer, and line options are instantly captured without manual configuration so the system can be used immediately, right out-of-the-box. Plus, ClaimAction automates the processing of commonly-used medical forms such as HCFA 1500, UB-04, and more. And it has basic and advanced capture licenses as well as general claim logic. Also, packaged rules validate basic info. Additionally, this robust and scalable solution is ED 837 compliant with a cloud component for total convenience.

Work with an industry professional who provides ongoing and dedicated service to implement and customize this system to improve your company’s efficiency. Discover how the adoption of enterprise data capture architecture improves business operations and reduce costs.

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