Combo Scan ID & Passport L


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Half-page ID-3 size Color, IR and UV imaging

Almost the same size as your palm but types guest data ~150x faster


Imagine a solution that automatically puts guest data in your system without any manual typing. The Combo Scan ID scanner device captures personal data within a blink of an eye (2 seconds to be more precise), instead of the lengthy manual input. Save this way up to 3-4 minutes per guest while getting the benefit of accurate customer data and recognition of foreign characters too let it be a reception desk in a hotel, telco office, car rental shop, or anywhere else where client management is primary.

Combo Scan is able to provide even more: it finally solves the privacy issues of personal data. Get rid of photocopies once and for all let’s face it, they are a huge privacy risk and way too slow let the scanner gather data digitally instead, so it stays in the secure system. It is all set for your business.


Ultra compact, USB-powered ID scanner
Ideal for every data entry applications
Type of installationDesktop, Portable
Scanning window size125 mm × 55 mm (4.92″ × 2.17″)
Illumination sourcesVisible white (430-700nm), Near IR B900
Supported document typesPassports (MRZ only), ID cards, Visas, Driver’s licenses