Combo Smart II


ID data entry has never been easier

Just place the ID onto the scanning window and let Combo Smart II do all the work so that you can focus on the people instead of manual data entry.

Combo Smart Il has been designed to quickly scan and read all data from identity documents, such as passports, IDs, driving licenses, resident permits and more. It can automatically detect the document placed on its window and initiate the scanning and data processing.

Forget about typing errors and all the struggle with entering complicated names and addresses; Combo Smart II can automatically detect and read these for you. Read MRZ (Machine Readable Zone), data from VIZ (Visual Inspection Zone) and barcodes, all in one device. Use the captured data to fill in forms, contracts, register guests, clients, print badges with face photo. Captured data and images can be exported in various formats (including xml, pdf) or directly sent to another application (via SDK/ API integration), like access-and visitor management, hotel PMS, client registration systems and many more.

ComboSmart II comes with USB cable by default and you don’t need additional power cord.

Main benefits

  • Lightning-fast data entry – have all ID data in 1-2 sec
  • High-resolution ID/passport images with face photo extraction
  • Simple and effective – no user training needed
  • Fully automatic document detection and reading
  • Photocopy and fraudulent document detection


Key features

  • High-quality 500 ppi images captured in normal white,infra-red and ultra-violet light
  • Automatic image enhancement with Adaptive Light Control (ALC) and Reflection Removal (RR)
  • Easy installation (single USB cable, powered from USB,use it with a laptop as a portable device)
  • Software and drivers for both Windows and Linux systems
  • SDK (API for software integration), test programs with GUI included



  • Active scan area – 4.92” x 3.46” (125 x 88 mm)
  • Illumination sources – LED visible white, Infra-red (B900), Ultra-violet (UVA)
  • Provided images – Visible, IR, OVD image, glare-free image, UV image
  • Image formats – BMP, JPG, JPG2000, PNG
  • Image color depth – 24 bits/pixels [RGB, 8 bits/pixels (IR image)]
  • Image resolution – 500 PPI


Reading Capability

  • Automatic Document Detection (ADD) -YES
  • Reflection Removal (RR) -YES
  • Adaptive Light Control  – YES
  • ICAO MRZ reading – ICAO compliant documents per ICAO 9303 specification Part 1, Part 1v2, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 3   for Type ID -1, ID -2 and ID -3 MRZ Optical Character Recognition
  • VIZ reading option – Available with Adaptive Recognition VIZ OCR software
  • Barcode reading – 1D: UPC-A, E AN8, E AN13, Code39, Code128 and Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF) 2D: PDF 417, Data Matrix, QR Code, Aztec Code A AMVA compliant PDF417 and IATA BCBP


Programming & Interfaces

  • Supported Operating Systems – Windows + Linux (ask for details)
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) – Complete SDK including DLLs and demo programs
  • Programming languages – C/C++, C#, Visual Basic 6.0, Delphi, VB.NET, Java
  • General interfaces – AR native, Twain and Acuant AssureID
  • Status indicators – Status LEDs
  • Advanced Document Authentication (included in standard SDK) – Data consistency checks: MRZ; B900 and UV dull paper check
  • Additional Authentication Options – VIZ and non-ICAO document reading; Automated verification based on document specific security features in visible white, IR and UVA;
  • PC connection – USB 2.0 high speed (USB 3.0 compatible)
  • Firmware upgrade – Automatic, via USB


Mechanical and Other Data

  • Size – 7.48” x 8.19” x 5.43” (190 mm x 208 mm x 138 mm)
  • Weight – 1.1 kg (2.4 lbs.)
  • Operating temperature – 5 °C to 45 °C (45 °F to 113 °F)
  • Operating humidity – 0 -90 % (non-condensing)
  • Power supply – from USB (5 V DC)
  • Case housing – Sturdy ABS-PC plastic
  • Maintenance – No moving parts, maintenance-free operation
  • Warranty – 3-year warranty, upgradeable