Should Your ID Scanning Solution Go Contactless? Yes, And Here’s Why.

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Blog

Identity verification is a crucial component of transactions ranging from healthcare to cybersecurity. With multiple industries moving to online-based solutions for identity verification, ID reading software is quickly becoming the simplest, most convenient method of license scanning.

ID scanning technology has drastically improved over the last decade, evolving into the ability to accept a wide variety of data from various forms of identification seamlessly. Here, we discuss the improvements and attributes of modern ID readers.

Fast Speed

Speed is an important consideration for ID readers, as a slow scan can inhibit the physical process taking place. In high-traffic scenarios such as a COVID-19 screening line where it’s imperative for ID scanning to happen quickly, slower reads can negatively affect customer service or throughput. Companies, like OCR Solutions, can eliminate this issue with a proprietary software solution that enables ID readers to scan in approximately 1-2 seconds.

OCR’s efficiency comes from the software, with a proprietary algorithm that quickly identifies the ID type and locates the proper information for capture. In fact, a health services provider recently needed a touchless data capture solution to help streamline its COVID-19 screening process and protect frontline workers. With OCR’s ID reading technology, the client was able to see a 4x increase in the number of daily patients thanks to the speed of the ID reader. 

Scanning Accuracy

Invalid identification can be costly or even pose a health risk as it can cause issues downstream with medication, insurance, or reservations. The reality is human identity verification is prone to errors, particularly in a situation where speed is essential. It can be difficult to find the right balance of speed and accuracy when workers are being continuously flooded with incoming IDs.

Utilizing an ID scanning solution can produce near-perfect accuracy, with scores as high as 99.97%. With that said, it’s important to consider the company you partner with as variations in software can negatively affect the accuracy. 

Easy to Use

With varying forms of identification that originate from different states and countries, it can be difficult for human readers to quickly identify and capture the pertinent information from the ID. ID scanning alleviates this problem by providing an automated way to capture the information in a fraction of the time. 

With that said, the implementation process should be considered. When looking for ID scanning software, it’s important to ensure it can be seamlessly integrated into your current system so your processes will not be stifled. This enables businesses to save on training and provides an easy transition for employees.

Cloud Storage

Another feature to look for is cloud storage. This ensures data is available and accessible when needed. The OCR scanning product, for example, leverages state-of-the-art cloud storage hosted with Microsoft Azure so that data syncing is completed immediately eliminating the need for employees to save data manually. 

Fostering Safe and Secure Environments

Perhaps the most important benefit of ID scanning is the level of safety they bring to frontline workers as well as the customers they serve. Physical identification checks can pose a risk to both workers and customers, as IDs change hands and it requires close contact between parties. This can affect businesses striving to create a safe working environment, as some customers or employees may feel at-risk.

ID reading technology provides frontline workers a fast, hands-free solution to quickly capture pertinent information without close contact with customers. This protects both the frontline workers and their customers from potential risk drastically lowering the chance of exposure between parties.

Location-Based Tracking

By utilizing location-based tracking at the time of scanning, OCR Solutions’ technology contains an optional contact tracing feature. Patient information is securely stored in the cloud and can be utilized to generate heat maps. This real-time tracking functionality enables businesses to gain insights that can better prepare them to take action and fight against the spread of COVID-19.

Choosing Your ID Scanning Solution

ID scanning is becoming a necessity for businesses seeking to increase the reliability of data capture and gain efficiency in the identity verification process. With contactless ID scanning, businesses can now save time and money while simultaneously providing a safer and more secure environment. But finding the right partner is key. That’s where OCR Solutions comes in. 

Businesses want custom solutions that their customers can rely on for a top-notch customer experience. With identity verification, this means speed, security, and reliability. The CaptureMax ID scanning technology by OCR Solutions provides this. With fast technology, secure networks, and accurate data capture, OCR is enabling its customers to provide unparalleled service and experience.

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