The 5 Benefits of ID Reading and What It’s Used For

by | Dec 4, 2015

The 5 Benefits of ID Reading and What It’s Used For


With a variety of businesses moving to online-based solutions for ID Reading, ID Reading software is quickly becoming the simplest, most convenient form of license scanning. ID Reading is a software program that is able to accept and validate all necessary ID information from a simple mobile phone photo, webcam photo, or scanned upload to a streamlined set of data fields for easy retrieval. ID Readers are steadily improving to the point of accepting a wide variety of data from various cards with seamless data. There are a number of benefits to using ID Reading, and here are 5 of the best:


  1. Fast Speed – ID Readers can scan at approximately 1-2 seconds! This is much quicker than any in-person transaction, and even quicker than market-competitor speeds of 8 seconds.


  1. Independent Hardware – ID Readers are compatible with a variety of computer, mobile phone, scanning, and other hardware devices. This means that you would not have to buy an additional device with the ID Reader software for scanning and uploading purposes.


  1. Variety of Templates – Any variety of ID templates can be read by ID Readers. This system allows for a smooth transaction from the customers ID to the business in a safe, secure manner.


  1. Scanning Accuracy – Due to the superiority of technology, ID Readers have been shown to scan ID’s with extreme accuracy as a number of trials and independent testing have proven this year. That may result in less chance of human error for the business using the software.


  1. Easy to Use – Because ID Readers can accept all forms of ID with many forms of hardware, it makes the experience seamless for customers. Many readers will only accept certain forms of ID, but with this ID Reader, any form of ID can be read and stored with accuracy.


ID Reading is becoming a staple for businesses looking to transition to a defined method of reading. Not to mention, cloud technology is now being used to collect the data at a much faster, secure rate. With ID Reading, a business can look to save both time and money effectively.


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