The New Era in Reading Medical Forms

by | Sep 27, 2019

In a field now filled with stringent laws and regulations, any medical information that is leaked, misinterpreted, or mistyped can have disastrous consequences. The amount of paperwork to meet legal obligations such as HIPAA alone can be daunting. The volume changes, but the expectation that these forms are filled out completely and accurately is still the same.

Human Error

Data entry staff have proven themselves a vital resource for any medical establishment. However, like the ones meeting the heavy demand for completing required forms, human error is bound to happen. Exhaustion alone can lead to one field in a form being incorrectly typed. An error might even be overlooked in any sort of review.

In order to effectively mitigate the risk of error in medical forms, you must be able to reduce the human element in how that information is collected and interpreted.  The health and wellbeing of the patient relies on the accurate representation of patient data, and our data capture system accomplishes exactly this.

Accurately Capture Forms

Our system is able to reduce the human element and overall error risk by automating the capture and processing of data. Using modern Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, data from forms is extracted and processed almost instantly and accurately.  Compatibility is not an issue, as many forms from different medical industries and professions are accurately captured and transcribed.

Forms such as the CMS1500 are used to submit claims for medical services. Complex items in the form need to be read accurately as to avoid coverage delay for a patient. Payments that are delayed create stress and deteriorate patient relations. Out of the box, our system is able to process and capture CMS1500 forms, UB04s’, dental claim forms, and much more.

Tailor to Your Business

While our system works with most industry-standard medical forms, it is not specifically designed just for those alone. Should the need arise for further expansion of compatibility with different forms, this can be easily accomplished. Through customization and adding rules, information specific to your business can be processed and verified.  

Specific field formats, cross field comparisons, and customer-specific rules are all options you can implement in order to improve the value to your business. Whether documents/forms are in-house or nonstandard, our system can be configured to read and process it accurately.

Benefits Beyond Medical Forms

Digital capture and reading of medical forms has benefits that will prove to be valuable to your organization. A significant return-on-investment is quickly realized on top of optimizing business processes. By targeting and reducing manual effort required to read and process medical forms, the workforce is optimized. By reducing manual work, precious staff hours can be reallocated and devoted to higher-value tasks.

Scalability is also no problem for our system. As your organization grows, your customer-base and workload increases.  Labor costs can balloon as more staff is needed to take on the extra growth in business. However, technology has the ability to grow and drastically reduce the need to hire additional staff.

The Best in the Industry

OCR Solutions is the best in the industry when it comes to digital capture system solutions and technology. Our goal has been and always will be to bring the best technology and value in order to modernize your firm or business.

Let us work to give you the opportunity to shift the focus back on enhancing patient care as well as customer service. If you have any questions or would like to call for a consultation or demo, contact us today!