OCR Solutions for the Medical Industry

As our healthcare system continues to transform, it is important for medical practices to adapt to the changes. Advancements in healthcare and medical technology have changed the way many practices function. Innovations such as Electronic Health Records (EHR) have helped to digitize the health information management process. While the introduction of EHR has the ability to improve healthcare, it also poses challenges to its users.

Manual input of doctors’ notes can often be arduous and time consuming. Staff members may be wasting valuable time evaluating and re-typing the documents. Typically, doctors aren’t known for their excellent penmanship, which can lead to further confusion and mistakes. The time spent on deciphering written records detracts from a practice’s core business and reduces potential profits.

Luckily, at OCR Solutions, we provide advanced technology that allows medical practices to put the focus back on enhancing patient care and increasing revenues.

Handwriting Detection

With handwriting recognition technology, doctors and medical staff can have their notes immediately transformed into digital text, as it is being written. Use of a specialized stylus detects each word as it is drafted. No matter the style of handwriting, our advanced software analyses the elements of each character and converts the written letters into a document that is readable by machine.

This handwriting detection system will eliminate the need for manual entry of notes, thus reducing errors and wasted time. The document can also be immediately stored, edited, or shared. The time saved using this process can applied towards improvement of patient services that lead to increased profits.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

With OCR technology, any document can be transformed into digital text and stored with your electronic health records. Whether the document is typed or handwritten, the OCR system will recognize the elements of each character and turn them into a workable document.

Once transformed, the scanned pages can be edited or manipulated to fit the needs and requirements of your practice. The OCR platform eliminates the need for re-typing lengthy documents. Removing the human element also helps to reduce errors that may occur during traditional manual input.

These advanced options will help streamline your practice and allow staff to work more effectively, efficiently, and accurately. Less wasted time and fewer errors will lead to superior medical care and cost savings, both now and in the future.