Healthcare Automation Solutions for Optimizing Patient Registration and Document Processing

A fast-paced work environment is commonplace for healthcare organizations and healthcare providers. Unfortunately, onboarding new patients and processing patient documents isn’t as speedy as it could be.

As the healthcare industry transitions from paper to digital solutions, digital patient registration should be just as fast-paced without risking the chances of human error. And in today’s digital world, consumers expect efficient and easy processes. Whether you’re a small primary care provider or a city hospital, OCR Solutions can accelerate the capture of patient data and optimize your intake workflow.

When a new patient walks into your office, how long does it take to enter their name, date of birth, or insurance information into a patient onboarding platform or patient record management software?

OCR’s idMax software empowers your staff to scan and capture patient IDs and/or medical insurance. Data from your patient’s ID and insurance card will feed directly into your EMR, EHR, or other proprietary software. Scanning these documents can reduce errors commonly associated with manual data entry and improve patient accuracy of patient health information. Scanning these documents rather than manually entering the information also allows a more efficient insurance verification process. 

Remove the Line of Patients from Your Front Desk with a Mobile App:

Clusters of sick or injured patients at the front desk of the office waiting to check-in is not an ideal situation, especially when trying to maintain social distancing. Imagine if your patients walk in, take a seat and begin the patient intake process from their mobile device.

idMax can be used not only at a front desk, but also as a branded mobile application. New and existing patients can download your branded mobile application, take a picture of their medical insurance card and/or ID and the information goes directly to your system. Empowering your patients to scan their information in from their seats will enhance patient satisfaction through ease of access to accurate information.

Improve Patient Data Processing with OCR Document Capture

For various back-office and medical billing needs, our high-speed ADF scanners do the work for you. Healthcare providers need fast and dependable, not expensive and unreliable hardware. OCR’s Avision document scanners get the job done without taking up space. Combined together with VirtualScan, our remote scanning software you can now scan documents directly into any patient record management software. Our VirtualScan software is encrypted to remain HIPAA compliant. Patients can safely scan their relevant and confidential medical documents knowing their data is protected. 

Patient data capture doesn’t need to be a pain point for your staff and patients. OCR’s solutions for your business, no matter the size will optimize digital patient registration. Contact us today to get a free quote for your healthcare office.

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