Implement a Faster, Safer and Convenient Check-in Experience

Mitigate long queues, lengthy paperwork and fraudulent entries – giving your guests a seamless and secure start to their stay.

Increase operational efficiency of your front desk while simplifying your customer’s experience with our State-of-the-art OCR technology.

Automated Data Capture

Quickly capture and populate guest data from IDs – reducing errors and saving time

Know your Customer

Combine ID scanning and face recognition technology to accurately verify customer information.

Data Integration Capabilities

Push captured data across existing PMS systems – allowing for real-time updating of guest information.

Feature-rich OCR Solutions to Simplify Hotel Front Desk Operations

ID Reading Software

Harnessing proprietary OCR technology, our ID scanning software elevates hotel check-in procedures to unprecedented levels of efficiency and accuracy. Engineered with advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, the solution boasts unmatched speed in processing various document types, including driver’s licenses, passports, and national ID cards.

Integrates with various hardware options, including mobile iOS and Android devices, TWAIN-based scanners, and camera based ID and Passport scanners.

Validate guest IDs within seconds.

Automate data capture and integrate data with any guest registration software.

Face Recognition

Our facial recognition technology utilizes advanced authentication protocols based on comparison of images instead of biometric data in order to protect user’s privacy. The system accurately identifies guests in real-time, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access. With multi-factor authentication capabilities, our facial recognition technology provides an added layer of security to validate data retrieved from ID scans and documents.

Run similarity and liveliness checks of the person standing in front of you against verified ID data.

Move away from card or key access with a mobile-enabled “selfie-check” biometric verification system – enabling seamless and secure guest access.

Embrace a loyalty program that instantly recognizes and services guest upon arrival.


Key benefits of implementing OCR Solutions for the Hospitality industry

Our optical recognitions system is designed to with flexibility and a large feature set. Giving you the leverage to scale without any bottlenecks in your front desk operations, while creating a lasting impression on guest.

ID Reading Software

Encrypted data capture

for IDs and passports.

ID Cross-Referencing

to prevent access to banned individuals.

Regulatory compliance checks

for age verification and identity validation.

Multi-factor authentication

with ID and face recognition system.

Maximize Efficiency

Automate data capture

to populate forms accurately.

Eliminate paperwork

to remove human prone errors.

Maintain digital records

across stakeholders and compliance.

by accurately verifying customer details.

by accurately verifying customer details.

Enhance Guest Experience

Automate front desk functions

to reduce wait times and long lines.

Prioritize VIP experience

by instantly identifying membership status.

No keys. No cards.

Ensure secure biometric access to facilities

GDPR compliant

In storing and sharing customer data


OCR Solutions designed to benefit teams across the board

Front Desk Staff


Simplify check-in procedures by digitizing paperwork, enabling staff to focus on delivering memorable guest experiences.


Elevate guest experiences through personalized service and efficient check-in processes with heightened security measures.

Security Personnel

Equip security teams with accurate and instant data for swift threat identification and enhanced surveillance capabilities.

Hotel Management

Utilize data-driven insights to optimize operational workflows, enhance guest satisfaction, and maintain compliance standards, driving overall hotel success.

How can hotels streamline guest check-in with OCR technology?

OCR Solutions’ idMax™ software automates guest data extraction from IDs and passports, eliminating manual entry and reducing errors. This significantly speeds up the check-in process, enhancing guest satisfaction and staff efficiency.

How does OCR Solutions' CaptureMax™ PowerCloud Platform revolutionize hotel check-ins?

CaptureMax™ is a cloud-based ID scanning solution that simplifies guest registration. It works seamlessly with various scanners and mobile devices, extracting ID data and populating it directly into your hotel management system (PMS). This streamlines operations, minimizes errors, and frees up staff to focus on guest service.

Can OCR Solutions' ID scanning be integrated with existing hotel software?
Yes, absolutely! Our ID Reading SDK provides a flexible, developer-friendly way to integrate our powerful OCR engine into your existing hotel software. This allows you to create custom check-in solutions tailored to your specific needs and workflows.
How does OCR Solutions enhance the security of hotel guest verification?

OCR Solutions goes beyond basic ID scanning by offering advanced verification features:

  • idMax™: Extracts data from IDs with unmatched speed and accuracy.
  • Face Recognition: Verifies guest identity by comparing live images to ID photos.
  • Liveness Detection: Ensures the person is physically present during the check-in.
  • Database Checks: Cross-references ID data against watchlists or internal databases.
Can hotels use OCR technology for mobile check-in?
Yes! OCR Solutions’ CaptureMax™ PowerCloud Platform and mobile app enable guests to scan their IDs directly from their smartphones. This offers a contactless, self-service check-in option that’s convenient for guests and reduces front desk queues.
What types of ID documents can OCR Solutions' technology scan?

Our ID scanning technology supports a wide range of documents, including:

  • Driver’s licenses
  • Passports
  • National ID cards
  • Visas
  • Resident permits
  • Voter cards
  • And over 3,800 other document types worldwide!